If it were me I'd just...

Who do we trust? Who do we believe? In theory we all think we have the answers. All too often we mistake opinions for facts; we think therefore it’s true.  We think we are good judges of character, but are we really?

If you could talk to the devil, he might be convincing and charming. Whilst you look for the horns, you are distracted by  charm. We all like to think we would be able to spot the devil from a hundred meters. But could we?

Do we know the difference between a mental health issue or the irrational side-effects of nobody believing your cries for help? The subtleties of what we believe we see before our eyes when they are really deceiving us, and the reality of the underlying invisible causes of somebodies actions, is certainly worthy of further exploration.

The Beach Hut promises to take you on a journey of the mundane suburban, mixed with the bizarre. One thing is for sure, anything can happen within the Beach Hut.